Frequently Asked Questions

How quick is printing turnaround?
Smaller scale, digital projects can have a less than 24-hour (same day) turnaround time and can be picked up or in the mail that day. We’re quick and cost competitive, so consider us before the big online printing companies.
How big of prints are you able to do?
Our sheet sizes have limitations, but our ability to give you a professional product does not. Between machines ability and installation, we can print a project to any scale.
Does my artwork need to be RGB or CMYK in color?
Printing uses CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow and black) for full color printing. RGB is used by digital devises, so when printing, please submit in CMYK.
What format do you want our files to come in as?
Our DFE (Digital Front End) software prefers to take files that they can take into a format that the print engine can read. For print products, we prefer PDFs in CMYK color with a minimum of 300 dpi.
What is a recommended bleed?
Your projects bleed (the print area that goes beyond the final trim line) recommendation is an 1/8 (.125) inch on all sides of your live area. Live area is recommended to be a ¼ (.25) inch from the bleed line.

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